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Frequently Asked Questions

Quick. Easy. Accurate.

How can your service guarantee no fraud?

Good question! The only way to eliminate 100% of fraud in the status match industry is to verify elite status, for example if someone is matching Delta Platinum  to United Platinum our software can verify if this person truly has Delta Platinum in less than 2 minutes. We do not use any screenshots as proof of status as these can be easily photoshopped.

Does your software need screenshots or proof of earned status?

No we do not, because we verify status with the customers frequent flyer number we do not need screenshots or proof of earned status making the customer experience far more seamless.

Why shouldn't the Airline I work at just keep our current status match  system?

While you may think you are eliminating most fraud, the reality is you are not. Fraudsters have long been ahead of the airline status match industry. With just 10 minutes in photoshop a whole new membership card and statement can be created that look identical. Massive forums are dedicated to frauding airline status match programs. Furthermore,  status is even resold on places like ebay, craigslist, taobao and alibaba. Looking at screenshots is a very outdated and is a manual intensive process that not only doesn't work, but also makes it difficult for customers who truly want to switch airlines.

What if our airline doesn't want to integrate with your software just yet?

That is ok, just having your status match agents use our software to verify status will save your airline millions per year in fraud costs.

Can your software distinguish temporary status from normal status?

At this time we cannot, however please note that making customers verify when their status expires can distinguish temporary status from permanent status.

What airlines can your software verify status with?

We can verify status with all US airlines and most international airlines, if there is an airline you wish to match to that we don't currently have enabled let us know.

How will this software save our airline money?

We will eliminate all fraud costs for your airline if you choose to give our  software to your status match employees. Furthermore, if you choose to integrate our software with your system in addition to eliminating 100% of fraud, customers will receive an approval decision in less than 2 minutes and you will no longer have to dedicate employees to seeing if images are photoshopped as our system is fully automated.

Our airline requires proof of earned status as we don't match people through promotions, can you see if status is earned?

No, we cannot. However, please note even if your airline does require proof of earned status this is highly unreliable as statements showing proof of earned status are incredibly easy to photoshop.

How long does it take your software to fully validate someone's status?

60-120 seconds

How does your payment process work?

We charge per verification of someone's elite status.

Can this system be used for marketing purposes?

Yes, you can use our software to find out what elite status all of your customers hold in competing  airlines allowing you to make targeted offers (for example, you can offer all of your customers who hold elite status with competing airlines targeted matches) are incredibly easy to photoshop.

Does your software use not publicly available data to  verify someone's elite status?

No, we don't. We only use publicly available data.

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