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Status Match Technology

Proudly partnering with Airlines to eliminate status match fraud and increase profits

Eliminate Fraud today, Save tomorrow.

Our Technology

Smart solutions centered around increasing airline profits are at the core of what we do. Our product mission is to partner with airline's and provide our latest status-match  software, allowing airlines to to eliminate 100% of status match fraud with the most advanced elite status verification technology. With nearly 60% of submissions marked as fraudulent, manual screening is time intensive, inaccurate, and ultimately reduces profit per transaction.

Our software takes less than 2 minutes  from the moment the customer clicks submit to receiving an approval decision.

Our status match software can be directly integrated into your system allowing all status matches to be processed  automatically.

Software Features

By using the most advanced status match technology 7 day wait times for customers are a thing of the past, with our technology from the moment a customer hits submit they will have a status match decision in just 90 seconds. Fast status matches are the best way to increase profits.

Our software was crafted with profits in mind. By using our automatic status match technology your airline will save on employee costs. Manual status match verification is costly and not accurate, improve your profits today by putting your employees to better use than looking to see if images were photoshopped.

Customer service is the foundation of everything that we do.

With our software, you are guaranteed 24 hour service, with full access from day one.

Our software comes with a no fraud guarantee, we verify passenger's elite status without the hassle and time constraints that occur during manual screening.

About Us

Invest in Innovation.

With a team of the best in house engineers and airline experts we can guarantee our status match technonoly is the best on the market. 90 second processing, no manual verification and a fraud free experience speaks for itself.

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